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The Winnebago County Historical and Archaeological Society is a non-profit organization managed by volunteers united by common interests in history and preservation. The Society was chartered in 1919 by the Wisconsin State Historical Society.

Our Society promotes and facilitates outreach education through historically focused public programs, local historical tours, special events, and the publication of a quarterly newsletter.

Membership Survey -

We've started a new committee this year, the Strategic Planning Committee, whose purpose is to establish a long-term direction for our Society. Of utmost importance toward achieving this purpose is to know what our membership is thinking. Toward that end, we've developed a membership survey. There is an online version and we'll be including a paper version in our next newsletter. We encourage all our members to share their thoughts with us so we can make the Winnebago County Historical & Archaeological Society the best it can be.
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From our President -

The preservation of local history is critical to the vitality of our community. It speaks to us about who we are, where we have come from and who we may become. It is paramount that we preserve and record our history for future generations.

WCHAS was founded in 1919 with a vision to begin this journey as an organization built on the foundation of support from members and community volunteers. Without that support, this vision is not possible and the preservation of our collective past may forever be incomplete.

Our member's talents are wide-ranging and include interests such as updating social media, providing help for an individual fundraiser, doing research and acting as docent. Each form of volunteered time and talent is valuable in a very distinct way.

We hope you might see a place for yourself in our Society, how your unique talents could contribute to our vision and consider joining us in our journey by becoming a member.

It's easy to become a member of the Winnebago County Historical and Archaeological Society. Just complete and mail in a membership application.

Membership Types

Individual Adult membership - $15
Couples membership - $25
Family membership - $35
Student membership (ages 18-25) - $5
Life Membership - $250

Membership Purchase/Renewal
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A promotional film by 360 Imagery.

Conception & Production
Anne Anderson

Julie Krysiak-Johnson
Melinda Roberts
Elaine Krysiak
Deb Gale
Reviewed for historical accuracy by a Reference Librarian

Original Graphics Created By 360 Imagery


Written and Performed by Aifem
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"Blockbuster Trailer"
Written and Performed by pinkzebra
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Original footage

"Flickering Light Film Projector"
Produced by Mikhail Kokhanchikov
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"Earth Zoom"
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"Canoe On Lake"
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"Walk Through The Woods 11"
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Anne Anderson

Reference to "Kiash Matchitiwuk" the Ancient Ones

References to Menomiee Creation Story

Historic Oshkosh Events Timeline

Spelling of Chief Osh-Kosh's name

Reference to Yankees as "coming to" Wisconsin and specifically Winnebago County as opposed to using the term Yankee to reference existing residents of Wisconsin (in the context of this film, the period is pre-Civil War).
"Homelands: A Geography of Culture and Place across America"
Edited by Richard L. Nostrand and Lawrence E. Estaville

Produced in the studios of 360imagery.com

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Our Mission

The Winnebago County Historical and Archaeological Society will represent, serve and involve community members in preserving the history of our area.

Our Vision

The Winnebago County Historical and Archaeological Society will serve Winnebago County and surrounding areas by researching, preserving, and communicating the history of our area.

Greg Bellmer, Treasurer
Emily Berger
Denise Blaze
Steve Cummings
Randy Domer – President
Austin Frederick – Vice President
Eben Johnson – Treasurer
Julie Johnson
Philip Marshall – Secretary
Dean Sandeman
Thomas Rowland
Steve Walters
Patti Yana
We have lots of other opportunities if you’d like to lend a hand!

Late in 2015, we re-organized our committees and are already seeing positive results. If you would like to participate in one of our committees, we surely welcome your support. Our committees are:

❖ Property Committee Members (Greg Bellman, Chair)
❖ Collections Committee (Philip Marshall, Chair)
❖ Exhibition & Events Committee (Austin Frederick, Chair)
❖ Outreach Committee ( Leslie Walfish, Chair)
❖ Historical Markers & Sites Committee (Steve Cummings, Chair)
❖ Revenue Development (TBD, Chair)
❖ Strategic Planning (Dean Sandeman, Chair)
❖ Membership (Emily Berger, Chair)

If you would like to speak with someone about volunteering, please send an e-mail to winnebagohistoricalsociety@gmail.com or call WCHAS Board Member Austin Frederick at: (920) 960-6430.
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